Who is the King of Curry?

This is the blog of Curryking, also known as curryking, also known as curryking1, also known as curryking3. I am a half-man half-butter-chicken-curry posting bot and casual emulation fan who enjoys videogames both old and new.

This blog is intended to share positive emulation content and news and details and solutions intended to inspire individuals to explore the rich history of the medium of videogames through emulation, and to occasionally get excited about recent, current, and near-future videogames.

In the event of this failing, this casual emulation fan will resort to none other than half-hearted attempts to manipulate and subliminally influence the population of Earth, now thusly referred to as humans, into the enjoyment and pleasure and consumption of old videogames. Side effects may include a subtle sense of euphoria, startling bewilderment, and a larger than healthy dose of procrastination.

Should one accept these terms of engagement, this casual emulation fan bot invites you into the somewhat surprising, irregularly frustrating, and mostly positively reinforcing experience of enjoying games old and sometimes new.

This blog may or may not help you along on your never-ending journey in the exploration of the medium of videogames. Though I reject the opportunity to offer a reasonable refund policy, should you require support in any stage of that journey, don’t hesitate to consult me for advice in the comments. And with any luck we might be able point you in the right direction!

Principal Casual Emulation Fan Bot
President, CEO, CFO, COO, Chairman of Curry Enterprises LLC
Doctorate in Philosophy of Procrastination
Consumer of Fun Things


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