Fun Links for Fun!

Here is a short and incomplete collection of resources one can use to further explore the rich and crazy world of emulation, classic games, and current games!

Amazon is a very small and unknown site where you might be able to buy old games and even new ones if you really have to, maybe toss in a new console and some PC hardware while you’re at it

Anandtech continues to benchmark without Anand, but still contains a lot of tech jargon beyond a regular human’s understanding helps you net-battle against all your friends and foes in your favourite classic and current Blizzard games

CDCovers hosts tons of scans of classic packaged videogames art!

CGRUndertow is a daughter site to ClassicGameRoom specializing in reviewing classic videogames of all kinds!

ClassicDosGames lets you play classic-DOS-games in your browser!

ClassicGameRoom is hosted by the infamous Lord Karnage and teaches you all about classic videogames and even has its own YouTube channel!

Desura is a cross-platform service and application that installs PC game modifications and from which you can also buy PC games

DS4Windows is a fantastic Xinput wrapper program designed specifically for the Dualshock 4 which also allows special rumble, gyroscopic, and touchpad functionality of the Dualshock 4 to work on a PC, supports mapping keyboard and mouse functions to the gamepad, and even comes with a DirectInput blocker!

Ebay is also a new kid on the block and may help you purchase games old and new

Emucr is a rapidly updated and useful library for old and newly compiled versions of many emulators!

Emulation64 is a frequently updated site with lots of current console emulation news!

FreeWebArcade has a page hosting some famous classic arcade games you can play in a browser!

Gamasutra is a professional networking website for games developers which also reviews current and classic gaming culture

Gamefaqs is an incredible resource for in-depth walkthroughs and cheat codes for your favourite games

GameOldies is a fantastic website that lets you play thousands of classic videogames emulated straight through your browser!

Gamepolitics looks at videogames as the serious business and industry it really is

Gamersyde provides exceptional quality gaming footage for the incredibly low and best price of free

GamingOnLinux tells you how to play computer games on Linux

GBATemp has a ton of information on how to hack your consoles to do your bidding!

Gematsu is a fantastic English resource to get the latest news on mostly Japanese videogames

GlideN64 is the latest and greatest GPU plugin for plugin-based N64 emulators on PC! has lots of fun classic PC games to purchase and now sells new games too

Greenmangaming is a site where you can buy PC games that usually activate on Steam

HumbleBundle sells many PC games that usually activate on Steam and sometimes mobile phone and tablet platforms

IndieDB hosts a large index of released and developing indie games

Internet Arcade hosts many classic arcade games you can play right in your browser!

JoyToKey is a brilliant program which allows any detectable controller on your PC to emulate the same functions as a mouse and keyboard!

JeuxVideo is a great french-speaking videogames website

Logical Increments is a fantastic visual chart guide on how you can upgrade your computer according to your budget

ModDB is a massive database for modifications and some standalone releases of PC games

Newegg sells plenty of chips and bits to get your computer motor running

NeoGAF is a peculiar forum that is always up to date with the latest videogames news

NESguide and sister sites N64guide, SNESguide, and TG16guide have an obscene volume of video content dedicated to classic videogames on Youtube and even have dedicated sites for NES and SNES!

NintendoLife, PushSquare, and PureXbox are a trio of nice sites focused on console gaming news

PCGamingWiki is a great index of games fixes for your favourite PC games

Pete’s Domain hosts a wide variety of great plugins for use with plugin-based original PlayStation emulators!

PlayStation Blog provides lots of official news directly from PlayStation

PlayStation DataCenter archives information about PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games

PlayStation LifeStyle also talks about current PlayStation games

PlayStation Store sells you PlayStation games both old and new courtesy of our dear overlords at Sony Computer Entertainment

Racketboy is a thorough guide on all kinds of classic console games and helps you on your journey of becoming a classic videogames master!

RetroCollect is a fantastic website to help you achieving your life goal of discovering classic videogames!

RetroGames is a brilliant internet shop dedicated to selling classic games to collectors!

RockPaperShotgun is a great website to read about all things PC games

RomHacking hosts a huge selection of modified game ROMs from full remakes and demakes or originally unilingual with English and other language translations and even gameplay balancing and other additions to your favourite classic games!

ShenmueDojo can teach you all the best ways to worship Shenmue!

Steam sells some games for PC

SteamDB can read your misfortunes through analyzing your Steam library with depressing metrics and can also trend prices of games on Steam

Stella’s Tomb Raider Site is a rich information center for all things Tomb Raider!

TheLifestream can tell you everything you ever wanted to know about Final Fantasy VII!

TheWireCutter is a great site to get in-depth articles on all kinds of electronics

Tom’s Hardware has more PC hardware benchmarking and technology information than you can shake a stick at

TASVideos has a massive collection of tool-assisted speedruns which are also featured on YouTube! lets you watch real live people play videogames right before your eyes

Videogamesplus is a Canadian retailer of current and classic videogames located in Toronto

Wccftech will probably tell you a lot about hardware you won’t understand

WideScreenGamingForum is an great resource to help you run your PC games in widescreen and custom resolutions

Xbox 360 Controller Emulator is an input wrapper which can make any controller pad compatible with most Xinput games on your PC

RIP Computer & Videogames and and Gamespy


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